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Brett Holverstott

Brett Holverstott


I am an architect really into sustainability and prefabrication. I am also a philosophical writer on topics in science and culture. These two professions I juggle with a moderate degree of sanity while raising children and drinking too much coffee.

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Randell Mills & the Search for Hydrino Energy

“Perhaps the greatest scientific story ever told. Well written and immensely informative…”

Physics is ripe for disruption. Bad ideas from a century ago have created more exciting scientific mysteries than real answers to enable technological progress. One man, Randell Mills, is going back to the source of the problem and reinventing everything, from quarks to the cosmos. His ideas make him theoretician, experimenter and inventor; something like Edison meets Einstein, with the explosive result of new hydrogen energy to change the world. (Published 2016; 450 pgs)

The Beautiful Soul: Innovative Art in a Postmodern World

Painters and sculptors are coming back. Ateliers and academies are churning out brilliant new artists. The portrait, the nude, the landscape, the still life - historical forms that are becoming fresh through technical innovations and modern vision. Michael Newberry and others are paving the way for the new generation, armed with emotion, passion, and a moral platform that rejects a century of deterioration and emptiness in art.

The Sentient Servant: Artificial General Intelligence

(2023) Researchers agree, massive computing power hasn’t made computers smart. When Peter Voss helped establish the idea of artificial general intelligence twenty years ago, he envisioned a cognitive architecture that emulates the human brain. Now, the personal assistant developed by Voss’s team could begin to replace personal computing. And, maybe later, replace humanity.