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New Ferromagnetic Hydride

Brett Holverstott

So I realize I have been in something of a blog-coma. The reasons are many - starting to write the next book, very busy and spiritually satisfied at work, growing kids, and only a slow trickle of news coming out of Brilliant Light Power.

But I am waking out of it with a new website design and a commitment to shorter and more frequent posts, possibly tied to BLP's own press releases; a kind of pseudo-parasitic relationship, paired with an unnecessarily high consumption of caffeine.

Here's something new and awesome from the labs of BLP. What is apparently a new ferromagnetic hydride hitherto unknown to science. It floats in space, twisting about, almost lifelike, as if the reaction created a new hydrino-based life form from another dimension.

Be afraid.

And if you didn't understand the caption Mills attached to the video, I had to read it five times for it to make sense. But the video is awesome anyways.