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Disclaimer: I have limited patience for flat earthers, expanding earthers, cold fusionists, UFO-philes, conspiracy theorists, futurists, or probably anything else considered fringe. Although I like the red rain stuff - panspermia is cool.



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Here are some ideas I am exploring.


Disruption in science

Almost all new ideas receive some kind of hostility; occasionally, big new ideas in science can be ignored for decades. What if it happened today? What if it was the most important discovery of our time? My book on Randell Mills introduces a wide audience to a new theory of nature.


The future of architecture

America is far behind Europe in building technology. How do we catch up? How do we leap ahead? If we innovate at every level - in structure and materials, fabrication and deployment, integration of systems, new technologies and sustainability - will a distinctive new form or style emerge? This is the focus of my practice.


The atelier art movement

Painters and sculptors are coming back. Ateliers and academies are churning out brilliant new artists. The portrait, the nude, the landscape, the still life - historical forms that are becoming contemporary through technical innovations and modern vision. How can I be the agent for an entire community of practitioners?


The gift

At the center of all religion is the prophet who is a powerless man who becomes a powerful legend. How do we paint a historical person with a brush that conveys the extraordinary personality in an empathetic light but is unforgiving on the nature of reality? How do we rewrite myth?



The ride

A six-year old goes on a road trip in an autonomous vehicle and makes a friend.

Parallel lives

They fall in love, break up, and find each other again. The story plays out four different ways as their decisions impact the course of their lives.

Game over

He dies, and finds that he has a choice to "end" or "continue." When will he decide to end?

Light cone

The future, present, and past, surrounding a brilliant thinker.

the expedition

An 1920's backwoods adventure in which an indiana-jones geologist leads a troop on a shocking journey of discovery.