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Brett Holverstott is published author of the book Randell Mills and the Search for Hydrino Energy. He is also an architect in Washington State.

He holds a BA in Philosophy ('07) from Reed College, where he also studied physics and chemistry, and a Masters in Architecture from the University of Oregon ('10). An explorer of ideas, he counts scientists, philosophers, artists, and architects among his mentors and influences.

In architecture, Brett is interested in creating a personal language of natural architecture that utilizes shop prefabrication and the ultra energy efficiency. As an author he enjoys exploring big ideas. His next book (if he ever gets there) is about art!

Randell Mills and the Search...

My first published book is a monumental work of science exposition, journalism, and thought. The result of 15 years of research and 6 years of writing, it introduces the scientific accomplishments of Mills to a wide audience from a personal point of view, while relating discoveries to the history of science and philosophy. Beautifully illustrated by Matt Schmidt.

Architectural Sketchbook

Parallel to my career as an author is my now 10-years of education and professional work in architecture. It is almost overwhelming how much time and energy it takes to master an art; and I am now in a place where I can push forward the state of the art in prefabrication, energy efficiency, durability, and design. I am also completing my licensure in the state of Washington.

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