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Talk to Seattle New Energy Movement

  • Razzi's Pizzaria 8523 Greenwood Avenue North Seattle, WA, 98103 United States (map)

I have been invited to speak by John Coelho at Razzi's Pizzeria. The event will take place downstairs in one of the event spaces. RSVP to John at

Discovery and Disbelief: The Hydrino Atom

Is it possible that the physics community has overlooked one of the greatest discoveries of our time? This is the incredible thesis of Brett Holverstott’s new book: Randell Mills and the Search for Hydrino Energy.

For twenty-five years Randell Mills and his team of scientists in Cranbury, New Jersey have attempted to prove the impossible: that quantum mechanics has it wrong. Now, after $100 million in private financing, the team is near the brink of commercializing an explosive new power source.

A hybrid work of science journalism and philosophy of science, the book is written to introduce a wide audience to the controversy surrounding the discovery of the hydrino atom. Eighty illustrations accompany the narrative.

Kert Davies, former Research Director for Greenpeace hails the work as: "A monumental effort, at once a science history treatise and a business mystery story, that doesn't short change the intense complexity of the scientific material for the background drama."

An Amazon reviewer writes: “Well written and immensely informative… Combining equal parts philosopher, scientist and wordsmith, Holverstott brings a deep understanding of Mills remarkable theory but also provides the necessary historical and philosophical background.”

Part 1: The Discovery 7 to 8 PM   Holverstott will summarize twenty-five years of hydrino research, providing both the theoretical background and the wide array of experimental data that supports the existence of the hydrino atom. The floor will be open for questions from the audience, and scientists are encouraged to attend.

Part 2: Disbelief 8 to 9 PM   Holverstott will discuss the reception of the hydrino on the part of the scientific community, and the many forces at play. How do we recognize major discoveries? Great minds from peddling fools? Why are we bound by the inertia of past beliefs? The author will also touch on related issues in the philosophy of science.

The Author: Brett Holverstott is a writer and architect in Seattle, Washington. He holds a BA in Philosophy from Reed College, where he also studied the physical sciences. He worked with Mills over several years and coauthored two scientific papers.

Further Reading: Begin reading (or purchase) the book via Amazon:

Listen to the author talk to the Seattle Skeptics:

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